Marble Mandalay Buddha Head

Mandalay Period, 19th century

Marble, Glass Inlay

The content on this Buddha shows a beautiful mixture of happines and serenity. The soft face is outlined with colorful glass which adds to the majesty of this captivating Buddha head. 

At the end of the 18th Century a new style of Buddha images emerged in Burma. Centered around the city of Mandalay which was considered the heart of Burmas Buddhist art, thanks to the patronage of King Mandon, a devour Buddhist himself.

Mandalay Period art focused on a realism in the features of the Buddha and his attire. The style of the faces is oval with long, pointed nose, full lips and almond eyes defined by clear eyebrows. 

Elongated to the shoulders, the curved earlobes are placed well behind the round ushnisha, a protrusion at the top of the head illustrating the Buddha’s enlightenment. Height 35 cm

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A bronze Stupa

Tibet, ca 14th century

A central bell-sharped structure is decorated with a double horizontal ridge and placed on a double row of lotus petals, soumounted by a square harmika supporting the layered, tapering parasol and topped with a lotus-bud.

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A painted Paper Mache Figure of a Karmapa Lama

Mongolia, 19 century

Seated with legs crossed on a double cushion covered with an animal skin, right hand in vitarkamudra while the left rests on his lap, clad in a monastic garb, its border gilded, his face displaying a severe expression with protruding eyes below raised eyebrows and his head covered with specific folded bonnet, the front inscribet, sealed. Height 36 cm

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A bronze Stupa

Tibet, 14th/15th century

The bell-shaped container set on a double lotus petal base supporting the square harmika decorated along the rim with small ratnas, surmounted by the thirteen tiered parasol, the last one with ornaments hanging down set with turquoise and red beads and topped with a lotus-bud, resealed-Propertyy from an old an important German private collection of Tibetan art. Slightly chipped, minor losses.

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A black Chlorite Stele depicting Bhairava

Nepal, 17 century

Carved standing on a figure lying on a lotus base with both hands holding karttrinka and kapala, a trishula resting against his shoulder, wearing tiger-skirt, mala of severed heads, his face displaying a wrathful expression with bulging eyes below bushy eyebrows, open mouth showing teeth and fangs, beard framing his face, his flaming hairdo secured with tiara and placed against a flaming horseshoe – sharped mandoria. Height, 25,5 cm

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A Copper embellished Conch Trumpet

Tibet, 19th century

(Shankha) the conch terminates to one side with its opening that is embellished with a copper section forming the mouth piece, decorated with a row of petals  and the side is set in another copper section forming the grip, embossed with two bands, one containing the Eight Buddhist Emblems and the other a dragon – Wear

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A gilt Bronze Figure of Virupaksha

Tibeto-Chinese, 18th century

Seated in lalitasana on a peddestal, both hands holding a snake, wearing armour with jacket below, the sleeves floating in the air, boots, his face displaying a severe espression, raised eyebrows and his head covered with specific bonnet, traces of cold-gilding, unsealed. Height 12 cm

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A bronze Figure of Vajrapani

Western-Tibet, 12th / 13th century

Standing in slight tribhanga on a lotus base with both hands in vitarkamudra, one additionally holding the stem of a lotus flowering along his shoulder supporting the vajra, clad in a dhoti, bejewelled, his face displaying a serene expression with downcast eyes, urna, his blue coloured hair chambed in a high chignon secured with a three-leaf tiara, unsealed. Height 16,2 cm  

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Lama with high hat

Tibet, ca 17th century

Copper bronze with dark patina and residue of gilding. Sitting on two high pillows and a carpet. His right hand in varada mudra and with his left hand he is holding Buddhist books. His facial features and the details of the garment are shown with fine details. Base closed since a longer period of time with a wooden plate, possibly with votive offering inside. Height 11 cm

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