A bronze Stupa

Tibet, 14th/15th century

The bell-shaped container set on a double lotus petal base supporting the square harmika decorated along the rim with small ratnas, surmounted by the thirteen tiered parasol, the last one with ornaments hanging down set with turquoise and red beads and topped with a lotus-bud, resealed-Propertyy from an old an important German private collection of Tibetan art. Slightly chipped, minor losses.

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A Copper embellished Conch Trumpet

Tibet, 19th century

(Shankha) the conch terminates to one side with its opening that is embellished with a copper section forming the mouth piece, decorated with a row of petals  and the side is set in another copper section forming the grip, embossed with two bands, one containing the Eight Buddhist Emblems and the other a dragon – Wear

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