Ancient Art from the countries of the Himalayas as well as the regions of North India are the traditional focus of the gallery Peter Hardt.

The Art of Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Burma and Indonesia, together with precious and rare objects from China are another focus of the gallery.

In particular, in the figurative art from countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China and India, the art dealer Peter and Tobias Hardt developed lots of expert knowledge.

The preferred materials of objects are bronze, cast and gold plated, copper, silver and gold and metals in various alloys were cast or machined finely when cold. Therefore, jewelry, religious and ritual objects are counted among the collectors items of the gallery.

Art and Antique Fairs

Art fairs have always been important meeting places for collectors, dealers and friends who do not want to let this rare opportunity go to meet again and tell each other exciting stories (about collector pieces and objects).

Years ago were art and antique fairs the only possible stage for the gallery Peter Hardt to present themselves and their objects. We regularly participate in selected trade fairs and recommend you to visit us there.

Meet us here:

14.10. – 20.10.2019


Experience and exptertise since two generations

In his early twenties Peter Hardt discovered a thirst for adventure in himself, that drove him to faraway India. That he would four decades later look back on a life as one of the most important art dealers in Germany, during which he has lifted so many treasures and handed over some rare treasures to internationally known museums, he would have hardly dreamed of this back then.

Today the expertise of the gallery of Tobias Hardt is carried in the second generation. The junior became expert a different way as his father, he grew up with the objects and trained his eyes since his childhood.

Looking at the quality of the objects you can say: A stroke of luck for the art world. To the delight of collectors!


The Gallery Peter Hardt is a special place that sells exquisite objects from ancient art to museums and collectors.

The corporation is based in Radevormwald, where it has had its headquarters for about four decades, but it doesn’t operate any public gallery spaces.

None the less we give the offer to our customers to see us personally in small meetings. Even outside our exhibition dates we give our collectors and friends the chance to see special pieces personally.

Our office in Radevormwald is able to be reached by you all year.


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This is a short collection of Asian Art we have for sale in our gallery. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.